About Town Councillors

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who decides how the meetings of the Town Council are run - for example, who is allowed to speak at any particular time?

A. The council has a set of standing orders which govern the conduct of meetings. These have been drawn up and agreed by the council. They are available at the town council offices for inspection.

Q. Who can be Mayor?

A. Any Town Councillor can be nominated by his or her colleagues to serve as Mayor of Downham Market

Q. Who elects the Mayor?

A. Downham Market Town Councillors elect the Mayor at the annual meeting of the Town Council, normally held during May. Each Mayor normally serves for a period of one year.

Q. What does the Mayor do?

A. In addition to his or her normal duties as a town councillor, the Mayor acts as the chair of meetings of Downham Market Town Council. The Mayor will also attend many community meetings and events as the representative of the Town Council. The appointment is an apolitical one. More than anyone else, the Mayor embodies the town of Downham Market.

Q. How many town councillors are there?

A. There are 20 town councillors, representing 4 wards of the town North, South, East and Old Town.

Q. Do the Town Councillors come from Downham Market?

A. Every town councillor either resides in Downham Market town or has a business located in Downham Market

Q. What does a Town Councillor do?

A. Each town councillor is obliged to attend meetings of the full council and committee meetings on which he or she serves. In addition, each town councillor may act as a substitute on other committees, serve on standing committees and sit on outside bodies. He or she must do a number of Surgeries on the Town Hall car park each year and attend various civic occasions.

Aside from those duties, town councillors take a deep interest in the affairs of Downham Market town. They follow developments closely. They 'keep an ear to the ground' by listening to the opinions of residents, business-people and other people concerned with the future of Downham Market town. More often than not, the town councillors hear those opinions in the normal course of their work and family life in the town.

Q. Who elects Downham Market Town Councillors?

A. Residents of Downham Market town who are eligible to vote.

Q. How much do Town Councillors get paid?

A. Nothing.


Code of Conduct for Town Councillors

Downham Market Town Council adopted the New Code of Conduct for Councillors at their meeting on 9th July 2012. All Councillors have signed this Code of Conduct to indicate that they agree to abide by it.

Copies of the signed Code can be seen by appointment with the Town Clerk, Downham Market Town Council.

The Code of Conduct can be viewed by clicking here

To see the Register of Interest Form July 2012 Guidance Notes 

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