Outside Bodies


Representatives of Outside Bodies 2018/2019


Festival Committee
Cllr A Pickering 


Joint Burial Committee
Mr R J R Baker MBE, Mr M J Coles, Cllr J K Fox, Mr S W Nunn and Mr C T Sampson


Joint Remembrance Day Committee
Cllr J W Doyle, Cllr J Groom, Cllr R A Pegg, Cllr D J Sharman, Mr P Mouncer & Father J Mather (Cllr A D Stacey is RAFA representative)


Norfolk Association of Local Councils
Cllr D H Lawson


Safer Neighbourhood Area Partnership
Cllr D J Sharman 


Silverdale Centre
Cllr J W Doyle and Cllr Mrs R Turner


West Norfolk Arts Forum
Cllr J Groom


West Norfolk Local Action Group
Mrs P B Sharp


West Norfolk MIND

Cllr D J Sharman


West Norfolk Tourism Forum
Cllr F E Daymond





100 Acre Charity

Cllr F E Daymond, Mrs J Day and Cllr C T Sampson


Retreat Almshouses

Cllr J Fox and Cllr B Hobbs