Council Wards


  How does the Council work ?

–       Downham Market has 4 wards;

–       Old Town

–       East

–       North

–       South  


Town Wards

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–       Each ward has 5 Councillors in it.


–       Councillors can only stand for Town Council if they live within 3 miles of any ward, or if they are working in Downham Market.  He or she  must be over 21 years of age and qualified as an elector. This is only general guidance and  the full regulations are available to view at the Town Council offices


–       Each Councillor has to serve on 2 Standing Committees.


–       If a ward does not have enough Councillors standing for election, it means the ward is ‘uncontested’ & the Standing Councillors are automatically placed in that ward, & an election for that ward will not be held.


–       If a poll is claimed by ten electors a bye-election of the usual kind by nomination and poll takes place within 60 days of the notice of vacancy. If no poll is claimed within 14 days of the notice of a vacancy, the Town Council may co-opt a new Councillor.  Further regulations apply which can be viewed at the Town Council offices.


–       People who are interested in becoming a Councillor for an uncontested ward can only become a Councillors in that ward if the Full Town Council vote them in.  This is called co-opting.


The Town Council comprises 20 members, elected every 4 years. The Mayor is elected each year in May.